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 Secure Off and Unregistering-Security Repairer V0.0.7.0

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PostSubject: Secure Off and Unregistering-Security Repairer V0.0.7.0   Fri Nov 04, 2011 7:55 pm

Security Repairer V0.0.7.0 - "Secure" Off and Unregistering

Latest Update :

- Alfa Romeo, 937 CD, BP9378, 7 649 378 316, MC68HC11PA8 by Blaupunkt

- Fiat, 312 SB05 S&S Black, BP8292, 7 648 292 316, 95320 by Blaupunkt

- Nissan, Low LHD, BP9340, 25lc160 by Blaupunkt

- Nissan, PN-1628M, CT078, 93lc46 by Clarion

- Nissan, PP-2609T, CH340, 93c46 by Clarion

- Saab, FX-M2016ZSA, 93c56 by Pioneer

- Saab, PU-2147B, 93c56 by Clarion

- autologin to forum directly from tool (box info, forum button with having Clip SN in Forum profile)

Saab units - you can unregister with Sec and then register to car with Tech2.

How to update? Run sec.exe or download and get latest version via setup:

Best Regards

Martech Team
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Secure Off and Unregistering-Security Repairer V0.0.7.0
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