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 Octopus Box LG v1.9.7 - knock knock!

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PostSubject: Octopus Box LG v1.9.7 - knock knock!   Fri Nov 04, 2011 9:41 pm

Octopus Box LG v1.9.7 is out! We have added world's first Direсt Unlock, Repair IMEI/BT, Repair Security for LG С550!

Octopus Box LG Software v1.9.7 Release Notes:
  • C550added world's first Direct Unlock, Repair IMEI/BT, Repair Security, Read/Write/Repair NVM, Write Firmware!
  • P350, P350G, P350GO, P350F, P355added Direct Security Repair (no need to write patched firmware).
  • P350, P350G, P350GO, P350F, P355, P500, P500H, P503, P504, P505, P505CH, P505R, P506GO, P506, P509fixed "Security Error" problem after Unlock/Repair IMEI/Repair BT in phones with bad blocks in security area; improved Write Firmware procedure (added APPS boot loader writing).

Octopus Box team is endlessly grateful to customers who were actively involved in improving this software.

Download Octopus Box LG v1.9.7


Octopus Box Team
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Octopus Box LG v1.9.7 - knock knock!
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