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 Martech RCD PRO V0.0.7.2 - New Kenwoods supported

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PostSubject: Martech RCD PRO V0.0.7.2 - New Kenwoods supported   Fri Nov 18, 2011 1:43 pm

RCD PRO V0.0.7.2 - New Kenwoods supported

From now, following functions:
- original code reading, counter reset, write new code (depends on model)

On following models:

- KDC-DDX3028, 24c16 by Kenwood

- KDC-DDX3058, 24c16 by Kenwood

- KDC-DDX4028BT, 24c16 by Kenwood

- KDC-DDX4058BT, 24c16 by Kenwood

- KDC-DNX7240BT, 24c64 by Kenwood

- KDC-DNX8024BT, 24c64 by Kenwood

- KDC-DNX8034BT, 24c64 by Kenwood

- KDC-DNX8054BT, 24c64 by Kenwood

- KDC-DNX9140, 24c64 by Kenwood

- KDC-DNX9240BT, 24c64 by Kenwood

How to update? Run martech_rcd_ams.exe or download and get latest version via setup:

Check supported models and Clip functions in demo version

Martech Team.
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Martech RCD PRO V0.0.7.2 - New Kenwoods supported
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