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 atf multi usb flashing

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PostSubject: atf multi usb flashing   Sun Oct 23, 2011 11:09 pm

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    Advance Team, Who made its name into world of unlocking with the first in the world solutions and now another innovative technology the ATF Lightning!

    About Advance Turbo Flasher

    ATF FAQ's..

    First In the World to add Support for the Latest Nokia Flash Loader Package (May 31, 2010). [New FPGA Firmware] LogiCore 9.02.10 [BB5 Nitro Engine] Now using the Lastest Flash Loader Pacakge [BB5 Turbo Engine] Now using a more stable RAP3gV2 and V3 Loaders [DCT4 Engine] Booting Problem Fixed for DCT4+ Phones [General Fixes and Tweaks] Quick Access "Backup RPL" Button is now on the Main Software Page


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    Design and Power

    Unique Hardware Features.....

    480 mbps HIGH-SPEED USB 2.0 Connection ( First In World ) - PC connection is 40 times faster than any other box in the market 100% FPGA based implementation of the flash bus protocols( First In World ) -Significantly faster and more stable than regular MCU based boxes Adjustable VCCIO Logic Levels -Compatible with old phone model Logic Level (3.30v) -Compatible with new phone model Logic Level (2.80v) -Compatible with future phone model Logic Level (1.80v) Ultra Fast Flash Clock currently upto 15 Mhz (First In World ) -Firmware updatable to support upto 60 Mhz without the need of hardware modifications


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    Whats New

    Newly supported phone models, loaders and features.....

    ATF Read Flash + SL3 Server + Infineon Mass Memory v7.70 Update!! [ATF Multi-USB Mode Flashing] Flash TWO BB5 Phones at the same time The Phones can be different models it can be "DEAD" or "ALIVE" This option saves you a lot of time and it is very EASY and SAFE to use Unique USB Flash Procedure ATF is rewriting the way USB Flashing is Done ATF does not follow the Standard USB Flashing done by other Softwares ATF uses a different approach to make USB Flashing SAFER and EASIER Bulk ERASE and Bulk WRITE MODES are not used and this increases the compatibility on the latest phones with 5 or more Flash Files especially phones with ENO Packages.


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    Click here to download the latest version of atf 7.70

    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

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    atf multi usb flashing
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